garlic as medicineDid you know that garlic has long been used for it’s medicinal uses?

Of all the things to be good for our health, something that has the most wonderful aroma, and adds so much flavor to so many dishes. The only thing that comes close to smelling as good as garlic are chocolate chip cookies.

Ok, back to the reality of our health.

Throughout years of history, garlic’s main attraction was for the positive effects that it has on our well-being.

It contains manganese, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Selenium and Fiber. Let’s not forget the calcium, copper, phosphorus, Iron, Vitamin B1, and potassium that offers nutrition.

It almost sounds like something from…

OK, enough of the playing around.

madonna and garlicNever mind, let’s play. I’m having too much fun with it. I actually remember back in the 90’s when Madonna was in her prime, all we heard about was her fascination with garlic. There were actually rumors that she smelled like garlic. Wait, is she peeling garlic in this picture?

Well, look at her now.  Her glory days are about over, but her body still looks like she is twenty-something. Granted,  I am sure that personal trainers and chefs had something to do with it, but the fact remains that celebrities are a never-ending promotional avenue for healthy living (or unhealthy living).

Alright, enough about Madonna. Let’s talk about garlic!

Garlic is very low in calories, but rich in other vitamins and nutrients. Not to mention, it is not expensive, and lasts for a while if stored properly.

It has been known to reduce the number of common colds by 63%. Should we just eat a clove every day? I’ll tell you what, I’ll try it and let you know how it works. I’ll probably be healthy but divorced.

In reality, there are many reasons to eat garlic, aside from it’s flavor.

Cardiovascular disease? Add garlic.

High blood pressure? Skip the Atenolol, and add a dose of garlic.

In fact, there are known cases where supplementing garlic for regular medications were known to improve one’s blood pressure.
What better reason do you need?

grain of saltNow, take this with a grain of salt, but garlic apparently contains antioxidants that have proven to reduce cholesterol.

Skip the butter, and add garlic!

There are many other reasons to add garlic to your diet.

Do you want to live to a ripe old age?

Do you want to perform better as an athlete?

Whether any of these theories are true, there is no harm in adding a little garlic to your diet.

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Green JuiceThere are few green juices that walk the walk, and Organifi Green Juice is one of them.

It contains all-natural ingredients, and does just what the label says.

If you are looking for an Organifi Green Juice Review, you have come to the right place. It is a perfect prescription for many health problems, including digestive disorders, stress and or depression, as well as a host of others.

Essential Ingredients: the ingredients used in blending up this juice include mint, matcha green tea, wheatgrass, beets, spirulina, moringa, turmeric, coconut water, chlorella, lemon as well as ashwagandha. Each of the mentioned ingredients are of massive health benefits to the body. A combination of all of them means that the overall health benefits of Organifi Green Juice are numerous.

The Health Benefits of Drinking Organifi Green Juice: well, to grasp all the necessary points touching on the health benefits of drinking this super-juice, understanding the individual ingredient benefits is the best approach. Below is an analysis of the health benefits of each its ingredient!

1. Matcha Green Tea: this ingredient is super-rich in an antioxidant, EGCG, which is known to reduce appetite, stress, and enhance hormonal balance.

2. Chlorella: this is a green-algae, which is rich in plant-protein and plenty of unsaturated, healthy natural plant fat.

3. Mint: has been used for centuries as a prescription for sleep related disorders, oral care, indigestion problems.

4. Wheatgrass: increases health by speeding up blood flow and reducing your chances of heart related illnesses or cardiovascular diseases.

5. Beetroot: all the health benefits associated with manganese and folate are packed in beetroots, since they are rich in plenty of manganese and folate.

6. Spirulina: besides being rich in calcium and iron, this ingredient is also packed with lots of plant protein. Calcium is essential for proper density, strength and development of bones. Besides, iron is vital in the formation of the red pigment of the blood.

7. Turmeric: highly rich in antioxidants that play a major role in detoxifying the body and replenishing the glow of the skin, besides enhancing liver functionality.

8. Moringa: contains all the needed building blocks for the body’s protein; the amino acids packed in this ingredient are massively important in muscle development and physical performance.

9. Ashwagandha: this is a blend of vitamins, essential amino acids, and mostly herbs; it is a perfect example of herbal concoction with the ability to help the body withstand both internal and external stress.

10. Coconut-water: a rare natural thirst quencher and refreshment, which is substantially rich in essential minerals and potassium, besides assisting in the transportation of other nutrients in the bloodstream.

11. Lemon: suppresses your hunger and can reduce your appetite, besides regulating the blood’s sugar level.

In conclusion, the health benefits of this juice are as powerful as the ingredients used in its blending. An overview of the individual benefits attached to each of its ingredients would mean that, with regular use, whether just to quench thirst or as an after meal snack, the body receives enough detoxification agents. It also replenishes and rejuvenates the glow of the skin, nails, and hair. In essence, drinking glasses of this juice enhances longevity. Increased hormonal balance, stress reduction, immunity boost, enhanced brain power, faster weight and fat loss, and increased physical vigor are other major health benefits associated with Organifi Green Juice.

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Cleveland SEO StrategyGaining higher rankings in the search engines has numerous contributing factors, one of which relates to content. But is content king as it was five years ago?

Let’s find out…

So many changes have happened in the online SEO world, that it is ridiculous to believe that one strategy alone is going to place your website in the top 3 positions on Google, regardless of what that one strategy is.

With the ever-so-popular social media platforms, you can bet your bottom dollar that Google is using those platforms to their advantage.  If they have a choice between a website that has been shared ten times, or a website that has been shared a thousand times, as long as all other factors are in place, the latter is going to rank.

Don’t get me wrong, having awesome content that your readers will enjoy is extremely important.  Think about that for a minute.  If your reader enjoys it, they will stay on your page longer. Next, they are likely to share your content on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, to name a few. You have now successfully achieved two important factors of search engine optimization.

Are these two techniques alone going to rank your website?


This is where an expert comes in.  Someone who knows SEO, knows what’s working, and knows what to stay away from.  Too many search engine optimization “experts” will tell you whatever you want to hear to gain your trust, and then they will do whatever it takes to get your site ranked, whether it is safe for your business website or not.  This is the simple truth of it.

The marketing pros at Cleveland SEO are true geniuses when it comes to online marketing.  They will take their time to diagnose the “reasons” why your site is not sitting in the top 3 positions. Only then will they create a plan, and move forward with the best and safest search engine optimization techniques out there.

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With the Memorial Day holiday just a few days away, I thought that I would write about DUI checkpoints, and see what others feel about them.

Akron DUI CheckpointsI happened to witness one on St. Patrick’s Day near my Akron business, and it appeared to be complete chaos.  There were cars turning around, going down side roads, and some even cutting through my parking lot to avoid the checkpoint.  Now I am sure that all of those drivers were not intoxicated, and just wanted to get to their destination, but it just showed how ineffective I feel this type of thing is.

I do not condone driving under the influence, but considering the neighborhood that my business is located in, I felt that every police officer in the area should not be at one single checkpoint.  It seems that it just allows for crimes to be committed in other locations while the checkpoint was being carried out, which lasted for several hours.

If you are going to be out this holiday weekend, and drinking is involved, please do not drive under the influence.  Call a friend, or call a cab to get you home safely, and without ending up with a DUI under your belt.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, visit for the best defense.  She is a criminal defense lawyer in Akron who has been practicing criminal law for over a decade.

Have a great holiday weekend, and be safe!

Say what?

With all of the controversy that surrounds police officers anymore, it is always nice to read something that supports their role as a public service.  I believe in the police force, and I believe that they do their best to protect and serve.

While I realize that there are “bad cops” out there, it is always nice to read a story where their support for the community results in a positive outcome, especially when a child is involved.



So the Akron police department checked in on the welfare of a child in Barberton, Ohio.  They were met at the door with a woman who refused to let them in without a search warrant.  According to the officers, they could smell an odor of marijuana and other drugs through the door.

They returned a couple of hours later with a search warrant, and found a considerable amount of chemicals that are used to make LSD and hallucinogens.

A chemist from BCI was called in who said “this is very unusual for Akron, let alone the state”.

The Akron police officers who were on the scene were advised to report to a hospital to get checked out due to the fact that they were not wearing appropriate gear for the situation.

According to the source, the child in question was not home at the time, and is reported to be fine.

Good job to the Akron Police Department for checking in on the welfare of this child, and taking down another house that is putting another child in danger.